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Updating Images in a Book

You have designed a book in ProSelect and have retouched images that you want update in your book pages in ProSelect.

Assuming that the originally imported images were jpgs, then your retouched images should be named either:


Note: This approach allows you to copy the retouched images back into the same folder as the original images without deleting the original images. If you are using RAW workflow then your retouched images could be the same type as the original images (eg jpg) because you can always recover your original image from the RAW files.

Important: make sure that your retoucher does not crop the images else this will mess up your selected crop locations within ProSelect.

Here are the steps:

1. Move the retouched images back into the same folder as the originally loaded images. If you are not sure where this is, in Working with Images (Thumbnail view), you can right-click on one of the images and select Show in Finder (on Macs) or Show in Explorer (on Windows). 

2. If all your images are already in one tab and one set, then the easiest way is to simply to select all those images using Select All (under the Edit Menu - CMD/Cntrl-A). If not see notes below.

3. Choose Original Images -> Reload Selected Retouched Images (under the Album menu). This will look for newer files for all the selected image in the same folder as the original images and load them into ProSelect, replacing all uses of that image throughout ProSelect (including in your book). Reloaded images with a different type or with -edit in the name will display with an "up-arrow" icon in the top left corner of the thumbnail image to indicate that they are a different filename from the originally loaded images. When you later run High-Res Production, the retouched images will be used.


1. If you used images are in different tabs (eg Yes and Maybe) then select each tab in turn and repeat steps 2 and 3 above.

2. If your images are in different sets you can use Show All Image Sets together (under the View Menu) to Select All across multiple sets.

3. If you have retouched lots of images but only wish to update the ones used in a book then see below how just to select those.

How to only select images used in a book

1. Use Sort Images by -> Used in a Book (under the Album Menu) to move those images to the top.

2. Select all images with the "book" thumbnail tag in the top right corner (make sure you have Show Thumbnail Tags turned on under the View Menu).

3. If your book images are not all in the same tab or set then you will need to work on each area at a time.

  KnowledgeBase Article: Updating Images in a Book  

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