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Adobe Lightroom Plugin for ProSelect version 2017r1 and Earlier

A free ProSelect Adobe Lightroom plugin is available for automating the exporting and creation of ProSelect Albums from RAW images in Lightroom.   While ProSelect requires Photoshop to automate the High-Resolution Production of images, layouts and book pages, Lightroom can be used as an initial raw image processor for preparing images for ProSelect and also for editing images for final production.

This article applies to ProSelect versions 2019r1.4 and earlier.

  • ProSelect versions 2012r1.4 through 2017r1.15 require the ProSelect Image Selector version 1.8
  • ProSelect versions 2018r1.0 through 2019r1.4 require the ProSelect Album Builder version 2.0.1

These old version plugins are available here.   The plugin for the current version is available on the main downloads pages.

Working with RAW Images

Because ProSelect doesn't read raw images, you need to create either .jpg, .tif or .psd versions for loading into ProSelect. The simplest way to do this is by setting your camera to shoot raw+jpg.

Alternatively, you can use other software, such as Lightroom, to convert your camera's raw images into one of these formats. ProSelect's Lightroom plugin includes an export function that automatically does this as it loads images to a ProSelect Album file.

Important: Your raw images and their associated .jpg (or .tif or .psd) files should be all kept in the same folder so that ProSelect can locate the raws if you wish to open them in Lightroom or Photoshop while you are working in ProSelect.

Setting up ProSelect to work with RAW images

Open ProSelect's Preferences and select the Importing tab.

In the Adding Images section, check the Link/Bypass RAW images with extensions checkbox AND make sure that the file extension for the raw images from your camera is in one of the three boxes.

Setting up ProSelect to work with Lightroom 3+

To use ProSelect with Lightroom 3 or newer, you need ProSelect 2012r1.4 or newer.

  1. Tell ProSelect that you are using Lightroom 3+ in ProSelect's Preferences -> General Settings -> General -> Photo Editor.

  2. Download and the free ProSelect Plugin for Lightroom from the ProSelect downloads page. Be sure to choose the correct version for your ProSelect version.

  3. Install it into Lightroom using the instructions in this movie.

The Plugin will then enable you to

  • Export selected raw images from Lightroom into a new or existing ProSelect Album
  • Open the associated raw files in Lightroom from selected images in ProSelect

ProSelect Lightroom Plugin Export Window

More information

You will find more information on how to install and use the ProSelect Plug-in for Lightroom 3 in the ProSelect Reference manual (v 2012r2.1 and newer). Check for the Lightroom Plugin section near the end.

Current Plug-in version

The current version of the ProSelect Plug-in for Lightroom is 2.1.0

Setting up ProSelect to work with Lightroom 1 or 2

In earlier versions of ProSelect, you simply selected Lightroom as the default Raw File Editor in ProSelect's Preferences -> General Settings -> General -> Photo Editor.

In newer versions of ProSelect, choose Lightroom 1 or 2 (see the previous image).

This allows you to open selected images in Lightroom from within ProSelect.

  KnowledgeBase Article: Adobe Lightroom Plugin for ProSelect version 2017r1 and Earlier  

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