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What happens when my PLUS expires

TimeExposure PLUS is a value-added program to help you get the most of your use of ProSelect. See the TimeExposure PLUS Benefits page for all the details.

PLUS is included with all ProSelect leases. For outright owned licenses, PLUS is included with the first 12 months of your initial license purchase and for the first 6 months when you have purchased an upgrade to the latest version. 

Outright license holders can optionally extend their PLUS before or after it expires. Renewing before it expires offer the lower cost option because the price increases daily after expiry because it is backdated to the last expiry date. If you leave it for more than12-18 months, it may work out cheaper to purchase an upgrade to the latest version instead.  The TimeExposure Store will show you the most cost-effective option.

If your PLUS expires, then here's what happens:

  • You no longer receive free technical support - you can choose to pay an out-of-support fee if you wish. See: Accessing Support when your included support has ended.

  • You no longer receive free upgrades to any major releases (e.g. v2019r1, v2019r2, v2020r1 etc). However, provided you are not using an obsolete version of ProSelect, then you can freely download and use any minor updates that may become available for your licensed version. For example, if you own a 2019r1 license, you can download the latest v2019r1.x update. 

  • You can no longer access SendMyRoomsTM to send new invitations or download any uploaded client rooms.

  • Any TX PLUS Royalty Free Music that you have downloaded will remain on your computer, but it can't be played in a ProSelect Slideshow or included as part of an exported Slideshow movie.

  • You can no longer download any royalty-free graphics, though you are free to continue to use any graphics material that you have already downloaded.

  • In ProSelect 2019r2 and newer, you won't be able to use the included Perfectly Clear retouching technology within ProSelect or applied to images during High-Res Production.

Save Money

For most users, renewing your TimeExposure PLUS each year is a lower cost than paying for an upgrade every 2-3 years and you can continue accessing all of the PLUS Benefits during the entire period (technical support when you need it and more!). You can optionally choose to pay for your PLUS renewal in small monthly payments, or save by paying annually in advance.

We encourage you to make maximum usage from the great additional features in the PLUS program to grow your business and your income.

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