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Using ProSelect with Adobe Lightroom


This article assumes that you are using:

1. ProSelect Plugin for Lightroom (version 2.1.0 or newer)
2. Lightroom Classic CC
3. ProSelect Basic and Pro version 2019r1.7 and newer


A RAW file workflow can be optimized with the use of the ProSelect Plugin for Lightroom.  In this process, Lightroom can be used for the initial preparation of images and subsequent changes for automated creation and updating of ProSelect albums.

The Plugin will allow you to:

  • Export selected RAW images from Lightroom into a new or existing ProSelect Album
  • Make changes to RAW images in Lightroom, then send updates to ProSelect
  • Export .mp4 and .mov from Lightroom to ProSelect
  • Open associated RAW files in Lightroom from selected images in ProSelect
  • Open RAW files in Lightroom from ProSelect Pro Production

Note that Photoshop is still required for the automated processing of files in ProSelect Pro’s High-Resolution Production module.

Working with RAW Images

ProSelect allows direct importing of JPEG, TIFF or PSD files.   Using this plugin, importable files are automatically created and written to the source folder and used to build the ProSelect album.

The plugin supports a RAW only workflow or a RAW+JPEG shooting workflow.   Processing changes made in Lightroom, when exported to ProSelect, will generate new or updated images and bring those into ProSelect.   If changes are made to a RAW file in Lightroom, then exported for ProSelect, an existing file (JPEG, TIFF or PSD) will be overwritten and the update sent to ProSelect.  This overwrite process ONLY happens if the RAW file exists in the same folder.

Important: Your RAW images and their associated JPEG, TIFF or PSD files need to be all in the same folder so that ProSelect can locate the RAW files if you wish to open them in Lightroom or Photoshop while you are working in ProSelect.

Required ProSelect Settings

Setting up ProSelect to work with RAW images

Check that you have the settings below setup in ProSelect's Preferences:

Make sure that Link/Byass RAW files with Extensions is checked (this enables RAW workflow) and that any RAW file extensions that you use, must be included in the boxes above.  If your file type is not currently there, simply replace one or more of the options.

Setting up ProSelect to work with Lightroom

Either Lightroom or Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw can be used to edit RAW files from ProSelect. You can select this in the Preferences.

Note: Lightroom does not have to be set as the Default Raw File Editor to use the LightRoom plugin. 

When opening a RAW file directly from ProSelect, the option you select in your ProSelect preferences (above) will determine the editor to open. This applies to using the shortcut keys CMD-Y (Mac) or CTRL-Y (Windows) when Working with Images or using the Open Raws in XXXXX from High-Res Production.

Lightroom Settings

Installing the Plugin in Lightroom

  1. Download and the free ProSelect Plugin for Lightroom from the main ProSelect downloads page.
  2. Install it into Lightroom using the instructions in this movie.

Recommended Lightroom Settings

  1. In your Catalog SettingsLightroom -> Catalog Settings-> Metadata, select "Automatically write changes into XMP". 
  2. In Lightroom-> Preferences-> External Editing-> Edit Externally File Naming: choose Template: Filename

For additional Lightroom information, refer to this Knowledge Base Article.

The Plugin Export Window

Once you have the Plugin installed in Lightroom, select Export... (under the file menu) then Export To: ProSelect to show the Plugins main window:

Using the Plugin

  1. Open ProSelect with no album loaded.
  2. In the Lightroom Library mode, select images and videos for ProSelect.
  3. File > Export. In Export To: choose ProSelect.
  4. Select Plugin Settings, choose ProSelect Album and Image Setting options.

More Information

You will find more information on this topic in these resources:

Older Versions of ProSelect

Be sure are using the correct plugin version for your ProSelect version. Older plugin versions can be found in the Old Versions Downloads page.  Refer to the documentation in your ProSelect Reference manual (Open under the Help Menu in ProSelect) for installation and use.

  KnowledgeBase Article: Using ProSelect with Adobe Lightroom  

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