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Exporting Orders to Studio Ninja

Studio Ninja now accepts ProSelect invoice data.   To activate this feature, log in to your Studio Ninja account.   Click Settings > Company Settings > Integrations.   Under ProSelect, click “Enable”.

In ProSelect, once you have an order completed, click the Export Order button in the Place Order dialog.   Select "Standard XML" for format and then choose a location to save the file.    It will be useful to create a folder called "StudioNinja Data Imports", and save it there.

In Studio Ninja, go to Jobs and choose the client’s existing job.  Next, Add New > Invoice > Import from ProSelect.   A dialog will open.   Navigate to the recently exported .XML file.

Your invoice is now imported and in sync with ProSelect.   You will see a confirmation in the upper left corner.

Studio Ninja Perfect Message

If you receive the following error message, it means that your order contains both taxable and non-taxable line items AND a discount is also on the order.   Currently, Studio Ninja does not support this combination of items (it will in the future). 

Studio Ninja Error Message

To resolve this: 

In ProSelect, go to Orders > Client Setup

Click “Add New Album Client”

You can copy client information from the previous client.

Back on your original invoice, you can select the non-taxable items and choose “Swap to Client” and move those items to the newly created second invoice.   Once that is done, Choose “Export Order” on each invoice and import each into Studio Ninja.   There will be two invoices, one with the discounted products and the other with just the non-taxable items.

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