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Slideshow and Playing Music

Using Slideshow View with & without music
  • Accessing iTunes music on OSX Catalina
    With OSX 10.15 (Catalina), Apple have now moved all music from iTunes to AppleMusic. As such ProSelect's access to the iTunes music library no longer works. However, you can still manually add music tracks into ProSelect's Setup Music window by either: (a) Dragging a music track from a Finder... - 2020-09-08
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  • Understanding Music File Types with ProSelect
    ProSelect supports various types of music files for use in Slideshows and for playing Ambient Music (Pro version). Your computer my have many types of music files. There are many music subscription services (Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc.) available, but in most cases, they don’t let... - 2020-08-20
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  • Slideshow flickers or jerky when playing
    There are a lot of things that can affect how smoothly your slideshow play both in hardware and software settings and every computer and setup is different. If your slideshows are not playing smoothly then this article will give you some ideas of what things can affect this so you can make... - 2020-08-15
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  • Audio Static at start of Slideshow on Windows
    Reported by a user (thanks Dan!) who was using the audio jack to connect external speakers on a Windows 10 machine... Solution found by Googling "static problems in windows 10" as follows: In Settings, Power & Sleep, Additional power settings, change plan settings, change advanced power settings,... - 2019-12-31
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  • White square displays when starting a Slideshow
    If you are using Windows (or ProSelect 2018r1 or earlier on a Mac), and only see a white or blank space on the screen when playing a slideshow, this usually indicates that your computer doesn't have the required OpenGL graphics drivers installed. Or those drivers are not correctly... - 2019-10-01
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  • Adding a filename to Exported Slideshow Movie
    You can set your selected Slideshow Style to display the name of each item being shown at the bottom of the screen when playing a slideshow within ProSelect by setting the Name Label Size to be from 2-10% of the screen size under the Advanced Tab -> Options. This will be displayed in white text... - 2019-06-04
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  • Slideshow stutters on Layouts and Book Pages
    Layouts and book page are assembled dynamically during the slideshow while it is running. If this takes too long then you may get some stumbling during the slideshow. The time it takes to build these items depends on How fast your computer is How complex your layouts, pages or room designs are... - 2019-04-17
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  • Synced music fades out early in Slideshow
    If you are finding that your music seems to be finishing early, then it may be because some music tracks have a long period of silence on the end. To resolve this, make sure you have Trim End Silence setting turned on in Setup Music (under Slideshow menu). This will automatically shorten the music... - 2018-10-18
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  • PLUS music or graphics search errors
    When searching for music or graphics if you see  "API request is invalid" or "No data returned from search" error messages when searching for PLUS music or graphics files within ProSelect, then you should update to ProSelect version 2018r1.7 (or newer).  This release, due out in late August 2018,... - 2018-08-20
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  • Resolving a YouTube Music Copyright Claim
    TimeExposure PLUS Music is licensed from artists around the world.   Music creators, just as photographers, retain the copyright to the content they produce.    These music tracks are licensed to companies or individuals for use in their productions.   As a part of your TimeExposure PLUS... - 2017-07-19
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  • Migrating Music and Slideshow from v2012r2 or earlier
    Music and slideshow setup in ProSelect v2013r1 and newer has changed. If you have previously been using ProSelect v2012r2 and earlier, please read this to find out about these changes which can add a lot of flexibility to your presentations. Your previous music and slideshow settings from your... - 2017-03-14
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  • Slideshow doesn't play on second screen on Windows
    If you are using ProSelect versions 2016r1.5-2016r1.7 and the slideshow is just a black screen when played on the second screen (with Mirror Display Area turned on), then make sure that you have selected Color Manage: Mirror Display Area Screen in ProSelect's Preferences -> Display -> Color... - 2016-08-20
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  • Mix & Match your Slideshow contents
    The Working with Slideshows section in ProSelect allows you to really get creative with your slideshows. You can mix and match images, layouts, rooms etc in your slideshow as well as adding title slides and, with ProSelect Pro, video clips.  To create a mix and match slideshow.... In Working with... - 2015-08-26
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  • Ambient Music Disabled on Mac
    Update June 2015 We are happy to announce that from ProSelect  2015r2, Ambient Music is now working reliably on Macs. This is due to the conversion of this version to use the latest Cocoa APIs and AVFoundation on OSX. Previous article (Jan 15,2015) With the releases of ProSelect 2014r1.6-2014r1.8... - 2015-06-01
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  • Adding and changing order of items in a Slideshow
    Adding and changing the order of items when in Working with Slideshows (include adding an image more than once in different locations) is fairly easy to do. Here are a couple of ways to do this: (a) Drag images (and/or layouts or rooms) into a slideshow from the image list in Thumbnail View, then... - 2014-09-11
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  • Syncing Music in your Slideshows
    ProSelect 2013r1 now includes a lot of new flexibility with respect to playing music and slideshows. This article is designed to help you get better understand how music syncing works in ProSelect. Please refer to the relevent sections in the ProSelect Reference Manual for more details. Music... - 2014-07-30
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  • Selecting a starting music track
    In ProSelect 2013r1 and newer you can setup different music groups (each with one or more songs) so you can easily play different music for different types of clients. You can also have just one music group with all of your songs in it and you can select a particular starting song using the methods... - 2014-07-29
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  • Accessing the new Triple Scoop Music Track
    ProSelect 2014r1.4 and newer includes a new Triple Scoop Music track ("Let's not forget" by "The Undeserving"). This track is automatically installed into a new Triple Scoop Music Music Group in ProSelect when doing a first time installation or upgrading from ProSelect version 2012r2.x or... - 2014-05-30
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  • Add Your Business Logo to the Slideshow
    You can add your business logo to the end of a slideshow presentation (as well as the begining) and pause it as follows: In Setup Title Slides (under Slideshow menu), create a new title slide with a .jpg image of your logo as the background. In Setup Slideshow Styles (under Slideshow menu),... - 2014-05-22
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  • If Slideshow images look blurred
    If you are using the slideshow in ProSelect v2013r1 and newer and the images look blurry, then likely this is your preferences setup. Please see the article "Images look pixelated or soft on the screen or projector" - the section on "OpenGL Upscaling (effects slideshow in ProSelect 2013r1 and... - 2014-04-23
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