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Presentation, sales and workflow software
Sub Categories
Pre-Purchase FAQ's (13)
Common questions asked before ordering
QuickTips (2)
Short articles with useful information on using ProSelect
Upload Manager (8)
Used for uploading images from ProSelect (e.g. to Animoto)
Templates & Layouts (74)
Designing & using Templates, ordering Layouts
What's New (20)
Information about new features and changes in ProSelect software versions
Working with Books (12)
Using the Book Builder in ProSelect
Registration & Upgrading (29)
Registration keys, upgrading & using ProSelect on multiple computers.
Rooms (12)
Using Working with Rooms including designing a Wall Gallery
Downloading & Installation (41)
Getting ProSelect onto your computer
Using Frames (8)
How to setup and use Frames in ProSelect
General Use of ProSelect (112)
Question about using ProSelect in general
Price Lists & Ordering (54)
Setup of Price Lists, Handling Ordering with ProSelect
Screens, Monitors & Projecting (22)
Use of Projectors, projecting at actual size and using dual screens.
Printing Reports & Proofsheets (13)
Printing Reports & Proof Sheets
Slideshow and Playing Music (21)
Using Slideshow View with & without music
High-Res Production (61)
Using ProSelect's High-Res Production system
Exporting Slideshows & DVDs (23)
Exporting Slideshows and DVD Production from ProSelect
Photoshop & Lightroom (21)
How ProSelect works with Photoshop
Sharing Data between Computers (25)
Using the different options for sharing your setup data between multiple computers in your office.
Odd or Unexpected Behaviour (68)
For unusual ProSelect software behaviour
StudioCloud Integration (4)
About ProSelect and StudioCloud integration
Slideshow & Playing Music (v2012r2 or earlier) (32)
Using Slideshow View with & without music (for ProSelect v2012r2 and earlier)

There are currently no articles for this category.