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Articles on using the SendMyRooms system
  • Custom YouTube Movie does not play
    SendmyRooms allows you to use your own client "how to" movie on the SendMyRooms website. You can select Custom Movie and provide a URL to the movie location in the Edit Settings page of the SendMyRooms Management area. After entering your custom URL, you should always use the Test Movie button to... - 2018-04-26
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  • My clients says they sent some rooms but....
    What to check if you are not getting notified that some rooms have been uploaded by your clients. Receiving Notification that new Rooms have been uploaded In the SendMyRoom Management Area, you can select how you are to be notified when a client uploads some new rooms. See the SendMyRooms guide... - 2018-02-24
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  • Rescheduling a Viewing Appointment in SendMyRooms
    Sometimes you or the client will need to reschedule their viewing appointment.  Just follow this sequence to change the viewing date and reactivate the client notifications. In ProSelect go to Orders > Send My Rooms > Open Management area.   On the Summary page, click the “Search... - 2017-09-13
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  • SendMyRooms greyed out in ProSelect
    If the SendMyRooms™ options in ProSelect (such as those under the Orders menu) are greyed out, then the following will explain why and what you can do to resolve this. This will happen in any of the following circumstances: 1.  If your computer was not connected to the Internet during... - 2018-01-20
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  • Setting up On-line Email Browsers
    SendMyRooms normally will send emails to your clients either through Amazon AES or directly from the SendMyRooms server. However, it also gives you the option to Edit in Email App, which normally copies the contents of the email being sent to your Desktop Email application so you make any changes... - 2017-05-26
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  • Using SendMyRooms
    How to get started using SendMyRoom Client Connection... Watch the Movies! We have a suite of SendMyRooms™ Client Connection movies for watching on the Training Movies page.  These cover getting setup, inviting your clients and downloading rooms and calibrating rooms in ProSelect. Read the... - 2018-05-15
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  • Your message content is too long....
    When sending an invitation and choosing the Edit in Email App option, you may get the following message: "Your message content is too long to automatically populate into your mail application. It will be copied to your clipboard instead." On Windows computers, there is a limit of approximately 2000... - 2017-11-11
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