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Photoshop & Lightroom

How ProSelect works with Photoshop
  • Using ProSelect with Adobe Lightroom
    Pre-requisites  This article assumes that you are using: 1. ProSelect Plugin for Lightroom (version 2.1.1 or newer)2. Lightroom Classic CC3. ProSelect Basic and Pro version 2019r1.7 and newer Overview A RAW file workflow can be optimized with the use of the ProSelect Plugin for Lightroom.  In... - 2020-04-01
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  • McAfee stops ProSelect Lightroom Plugin
    We recently found that McAfee Anti-virus software has started blocking the ProSelect Lightroom Plugin from working. The Lightroom plugin runs a "command line" application called "PSConsole.exe" (on Windows) and "PSConsole" (on Macs) which is used to communicate with ProSelect. We believe that... - 2020-03-22
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  • Debugging Photoshop Scripts with Photoshop CC 2020 or OSX Catalina
    In the past, we have used and recommended Adobe's ExtendScript Debugger software for tracking down any problems with commands sent to Photoshop during High-Res Production. However, this program is 32-bit only so it won't run on OSX 10.15 (Catalina) or newer and Adobe no longer is making it... - 2020-03-10
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  • Cannot connect to Photoshop on Mac
    As your first point of action, please re-start your computer. If the issue is still not resolved, then below are some reasons why ProSelect will give an error when trying to connect to Photoshop on a Mac: Just upgraded or installed a new Photoshop version Some Photoshop upgrades (CC2018 recently... - 2019-12-18
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  • Lightroom Plugin not working on Catalina
    The ProSelect Plugin for Lightroom uses a console application to connect to ProSelect. With the introduction of Mac OSX 10.15 (Catalina) all console applications must either be security codesigned in order to be allowed to run unless you give them specific permission. When permission is denied you... - 2019-10-18
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  • Adobe Lightroom Plugin for ProSelect version 2017r1 and Earlier
    A free ProSelect Adobe Lightroom plugin is available for automating the exporting and creation of ProSelect Albums from RAW images in Lightroom.   While ProSelect requires Photoshop to automate the High-Resolution Production of images, layouts and book pages, Lightroom can be used as an initial... - 2018-12-18
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  • Updating Retouched Images in ProSelect
    In version 2015r1 we added the ability to have your ProSelect images automatically update to the retouched versions when the revised file is relinked in production.  This is a preference that needs to be set.  If users first started out with v2017, the preference was set to "reload" (update) by... - 2018-12-02
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  • Photoshop CC2018 issue on Macs
    If you are on a Mac and using Photoshop CC2018, you need to change the PSD compatibility setting in Photoshop's Preferences to "Always". See screen grab below. ProSelect uses Mac OSX to read PSD files and, in some cases, OSX seems to have issues reading PSD files if you don't have the Maximize PSD... - 2018-02-28
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  • Cannot connect to Photoshop in Windows
    As your first point of action, please re-start your computer. If the issue is still not resolved, and you can't connect to Photoshop or get the message "Failed to run Photoshop script" when running custom actions or high-res production then check these solutions. Note: You need to have Photoshop... - 2017-10-31
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  • Converting Lightroom Presets to Photoshop Actions for use in ProSelect
    Quite often Lightroom presets are used to create image effects for unique results. The usual practice for LR users is to make a virtual copy of the image so images with and without the effect can be shown. The problem is that in a ProSelect workflow, when a virtual copy is imported, links are lost... - 2017-10-20
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  • Automated Skin Retouching in ProSelect
    Images can easily be enhanced prior to client presentation by using Photoshop actions.   The computer with ProSelect must also have Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later installed. Photoshop actions can be linked and used from within ProSelect.  See the ProSelect Reference Manual section “Image Effects... - 2017-10-02
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  • Soft Proofing in Lightroom
    Lightroom previews all images in the ProPhoto RGB color space.   Since most photographic products cannot be accurately printed in that space,  sRGB or Adobe1998 are the industry standards.  Images can be correctly previewed in Lightroom using the Soft Proofing option (shortcut S) in the... - 2017-08-25
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  • What version of Photoshop do I need?
    ProSelect does link to Photoshop for some functions, however, the majority of program's functions will work without Photoshop. For ProSelect versions 2017r1 & 2018r1 (and possibly newer), you need Photoshop CS6 or newer to access all Photoshop related functions. This list below shows which... - 2017-04-01
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  • Failed to run Photoshop Script
    In ProSelect, if the error message "Failed to run Photoshop script" displays, then please refer to the relevant article below about this and what you can do: Cannot connect to Photoshop in Windows Cannot connect to Photoshop on Mac - 2015-11-24
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  • Setting up Lightroom for a ProSelect Workflow
    When using the ProSelect Plug-in for Lightroom, here are a few tips to smooth your workflow. Make sure you are using at least ProSelect version 2012r1.5 or newer. Your Lightroom version must be 3.0 or newer (refer to download link in the General Information section below in this article). When... - 2015-07-04
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  • Photoshop CC2014 error when editing a text layer
    If you use Keep Open on Photoshop when building a composite image using ProSelect Hi-Res Production then try to edit any text layers copied from your associated .psd overlay image file, Photoshop CC2014 may hang or crash or give one of the following errors messages: Could not complete your... - 2014-12-18
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  • Raw files do not open in Photoshop/Lightroom
    If you select an image in ProSelect and do an Control-Y (PC) or Command-Y (Mac) then the RAW file associated with the currently selected image will open in Photoshop or Lightroom. If not, then check the following: Preferences -> Importing Images ->Link Bypass RAW files is checked and you have the... - 2014-05-07
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  • Florabella Actions cause Custom Action Reload to fail
    We recently tracked down a problem with ProSelect not being able to Reload the Action List from Photoshop due to a hidden illegal character in the Florabella Color & Light Actions.atn action set. The hidden character is in the name Sunhaze Right in this set. The character is located between the... - 2014-02-13
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  • ProSelect and Photoshop CS5
    Updated November 2010, July 2011 & February 2013 February 2013 - Mountain Lion Due to changes in Mac's Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8), we have had to make changes in ProSelect v2012r2.1 or newer to avoid intermittent lockup problems with Photoshop. Please see the article "ProSelect on Mountain Lion"... - 2013-01-27
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  • Bevels not rendered correctly in Photoshop CS6
    Updated 5th July 2012 This issue has been resolved in ProSelect v2012r1.6 which is a free update for those with a ProSelect v2012r1 license. Original Article We have confirmed a reported problem when rendering bevels on composite images with Photoshop CS6. While this problem is still being... - 2012-07-01
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