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What's New in 2019r2

Here are some highlights of the main new features added in ProSelect software version 2019r2.

More details can also be found:

  • On the What's New page on our web site
  • In the ProSelect_Readme.htm delivered with the downloadable installer
  • The What's New section in the back of the easy reading ProSelect Reference Manual (with direct links to the relevant pages)

Note: The latest updates to this release are shown in the Minor Release Changes section below.

What's New in Version 2019r2

August 1, 2019

Important Notes:

If you are upgrading from ProSelect v2017r1 or earlier, then this is now a larger download because it includes more resources along with royalty free music tracks. These resources are accessible with: 

(a) a first time installation (no previous versions of ProSelect installed)

(b) Using ProSelect Data --> Reset to default setup (under the File menu) - CAUTION - this will wipe out your existing setup data!

(c) Using ProSelect Data --> Install 2019r1 Default Resources - this will add the new resources to your existing setup.


  1. This release requires at least:  
    • Windows 7 SP1/8.1/10 (32 & 64 bit) - See 6 below.
    • Mac OSX 10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13/10.14.
  2. By default, playing a slideshow now uses using OpenGL (2.0 or newer) (on Windows and some Macs) or Metal (on Macs) to access your computers graphics chipset for better performance. OpenGL drivers are automatically installed on most modern Mac and Windows computers. You can select not to use OpenGL or Metal when playing the slideshow in Preferences, however, some slideshow features will no longer be available. More information about OpenGL and Metal support can be found in the ProSelect Reference Manual. 

  3. Minimum 2Ghz PC with 8GB RAM. If using the high-res production module, complex slideshows or include a large number of images in your ProSelect albums, then it is recommended that you have 2.5Ghz with 8+GB of memory in your computer. Your monitor and/or projector should be at least 1024x768 resolution. For further information on the system requirements (OS & Photoshop versions, Processor speed and RAM etc), please see the ProSelect software Downloads page (while this is the current version) and/or the readme file (available with the installation). 

  4. The Windows version as of ProSelect 2017r1 and newer requires that the 32-bit version of "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015" (download file "vc_redist.x86.exe") is installed on your computer. These dll files are automatically installed with Windows 10 and as part of the latest software updates on Windows 7 and 8.1. 

    They are also included in the ProSelect 2018r1 and later (Windows) installer. If the installer stops when "Installing Windows 32-bit runtime...", this is usually caused by not having the latest Windows updates installed on your computer. For more information about this see this KnowledgeBase article: Missing DLL error with ProSelect 2017r1 on Windows.

  5. ProSelect 2019r2 registration keys for an outright owned license start with "PSV6-" (or "PST6-" if paying for your outright license using Easy Payment Plan). You may need to update your registration key (under the Help Menu in ProSelect) in order to use the new Pretouching/Retouching features.

  6. On Windows, the new Pretouching/Retouching features requires a 64-bit version of the Windows Operating system.

Some of the new features and enhancements include:


1. [MAC] Now supports the use of Metal for playing the slideshows on computers which support Metal. To use Metal, your computer's GPU must support Metal (see, and you must be running OSX 10.11 or later. 

2. If your computer supports Metal and you are using OSX 10.11 to 10.13 then you can choose to use either Metal or OpenGL in ProSelect's Preferences -> Slideshow -> Slideshow Settings -> Performance.

3. If you are using OSX 10.14 (Mojave) or newer, you can only use Metal.

4. The About ProSelect window shows whether OpenGL or Metal is available on your computer and which of these is currently selected.


1. To prevent slideshow lags on slower computers or when showing complex designs, by default, slides containing layouts, rooms, and book pages are now pre-assembled and buffered before the slideshow starts playing. This setting can be turned off on the Preferences -> Slideshow -> Slideshow Settings -> Performance -> Pre-Buffer Layouts, Pages & Rooms.


1. In ProSelect Pro, you can now link multiple slideshows together to play or export as one slideshow. This feature allows you to build a slideshow with separate sections using different slideshow styles (with different speeds, backgrounds, and music). With five slideshows, you can have up to 5 segments in your slideshow and even design two multi-segment slideshows (eg, one with 2 or 3 segments and the other with 2 segments).

To link a slideshow with the previous one, in Working with Slideshows, Thumbnail view, click on the slideshow group icon while holding down the Alt/Option key or choose "Link with Previous Slideshow" (under the Slideshow menu). Linked Slideshows display with a "linking line" under the icons.

2. You now can swap around the order of your slideshows using the new Adjust Slideshow Order window (under the Slideshow Menu).

Remember you can change the name of a slideshow group using Change Set Names (under the Album menu) or by Alt/Option-clicking on the Slideshow name in Working with Slideshows (Thumbnail view).

3. In Working with Slideshows, Preview Slideshow Slides View, starting a slideshow will play from the current slide onwards.

4. You now have the option to export your slideshow movies at 4K resolution.

5. In Working with Slideshows, Thumbnail view you can now use the right-click popup menu option "Play from Location" to start the slideshow from that frame.

6. A new Set Background Music Level for videos toolbar control has a popup menu which allows allows you to control the level of the background music that plays while the video is playing. Settings are High (no Video Sound), Medium, Medium-Low, Low, and Off (Video Sound Only). Thumbnail tags show the selected setting.

7. Added a new "Favorites" Album Set type for slideshows. This set includes all of the items marked as favorite (images and layouts) across all sets and tabs. Can you also use Convert Selected Sets to Slides to populate individual favorite items into the slideshow.


1. You can now create templates for Slideshows consisting of any mix of videos (Pro Only), title slides and album sets with a pre-assigned Slideshow Style. You can set these up in the new Manage Slideshow Templates window (under Slideshow menu). Slideshow templates are saved in the ProSelect Data file and can be shared between computers.

2. Slideshow templates are another Slideshow "resource" that can be dragged into a slideshows timeline to be included in that slideshow in Working with Slideshows (Thumbnail view).

3. In the Manage Slideshow Templates window, you can setup ProSelect to automatically create a new slideshow structure for any or all of your slideshows whenever you start a new ProSelect Album.

4. The previous Preferences option to pre-fill the first slideshow on each new album is now done though the Manage Slideshow Templates where you can assign any template to any slideshow on newly created albums. When using 2019r2 for the first time, your Preferences setting is automatically converted into a Slideshow Template and setup to be assigned to the first slideshow.


1. Added a new Mat Design Type "Graphics Block Only" which allows to only specify a graphics block color or image on a layout without adding any mats around the openings. This feature can be used to simulate mounts for some traditional matted wall groupings with no surrounding features.


1. You now have the option on Order Report to print a summary of the order by Presentation type. When selected, this information next to the totals area on the report.

2. The Total Order Savings are now displayed in the Place Order window (as well as on the Order Report). This message is hidden or shown with the hide Totals Box control.


1. ProSelect now supports automatic retouching using built-in Perfectly Clear technology. This feature allows you to quickly pretouch your album images before the sales session using one of integrated presets. You can easily compare results from each preset to choose the best option for your image then apply your selected settings to multiple images. The use of Perfectly Clear technology is part of your TimeExposure PLUS benefits.

2. ProSelect Pro users can choose to have their selected Perfectly Clear settings applied to final images during High-Res production, manually retouch the images or, if you have the Perfectly Clear Complete Plugin, apply the preset that you used in ProSelect then fine tune using the full set of options and enhancements.

3. ProSelect Pro users can also use the Perfectly Clear retouching technology on digital files produced through High-Res production saving users valuable post-production time.

4. To Pretouch your images, select one or more images and click the Pretouch tool in the toolbar to open the Apply Pretouch window.

Pretouching presets are named with code and a short title eg "PC01 - Vivid" in the dropdown menu. Selecting a Preset will show a short description about that the preset does and the types of images it best used with.

The first image is automatically selected and, if it doesn't already have a preset applied, the topmost preset will be automatically applied. You can select other presets from the dropdown menu. For most presets you can adjust the intensity of the preset using slider control.

When selecting other images from with this window, if the image doesn't already have any preset applied, then the last selected preset will be automatically applied.

While in this window you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Left / Right arrows to swap to previous/next preset
1 - 9 sets intensity from 10% to 90%
0 sets intensity from 100%
Spacebar - press to show the original image in the preview area

As in the main window, right-click to zoom into the images and, once zoomed in, you can Dragon the preview image to pan it around to view other parts of the zoomed-in image.

Once you have the pretouch effect set how you want it on one image, Cmd/Cntrl click on other Images in the image list to add more similar images to the selection then click the SYNC button to apply the current preset settings to all selected images.

When done, click the Save button to apply your Pretouch selections to the images in the album file or click the Cancel button to abandon any changes.

You can use the Re-order presets button to open a window in which you can drag the Preset list to rearrange the order and put your favorite one at the top.

Because Local (B&W and Special Tint) and Custom Effects are always applied after any pretouching has been done, in the Apply Pretouch window the original image without any effects (other than the pretouch results) are shown. Local effects are re-applied when the window is closed. Custom Effects are re-applied (via Photoshop Actions) if you have checked the "Re-apply actions on Save" checkbox.

5. Alternatively, you can select one or more images in ProSelect main window (in Working with Images), then right-click on the Pretouch tool to directly apply or remove a Pretouch Preset from those images. The popup menu shows each preset at 100%. Recently used Presets and their intensity setting will be shown at the top of the menu.

6. Selected Images show any applied preset code only (not the title) and intensity in the Info Bar at the bottom of the main window.

7. Since Perfectly Clear only works on 64-bit versions of Windows, when installing the software on a 32-bit version of Windows, a warning message is shown. A similar message is displayed if you choose the retouching tool in this situation.

8. Exporting Sample Images limitations. If you have ProSelect Basic and current PLUS, you can use Perfectly Clear to retouch your images for your sales session. However, any sample images with a pretouching preset applied will only be exported at low-resolution web-use sizes (up to 1600 pixels). If you have ProSelect Pro and current PLUS you can export sample images with a Perfectly Clear preset applied up to the imported image size.

9. If your PLUS expires, any albums with pretouching already applied to the images will still show the pretouched results within ProSelect however these images cannot be exported as pretouched images until your PLUS is current again.

10. Pretouched images show a special thumbnail tag when View -> Show thumbnail tags is enabled.

11. In Working with Images, you can use the Image List Filter to Show only: Pretouched Images OR Images Not Pretouched.

12. In Working with Images, Thumbnail view, you can use the new "Pretouch" and "Remove Pretouch" options in the right-click popup menu.


1. Any missing resource images or original images found when starting Production are now immediately listed in a dialog window so it’s easier to track these down.

2. Like Traditional Matted Layouts and Book pages, ordered Prints with Traditional Matted Surrounding Mats can now optionally be produced with the output file being the same size as the combined product for easier mounting to a Matboard. Select these items in the Traditional Matted Production Options window (under Production Menu).

3. In the High-Res Production Preferences, you now have the option to have all your digital files created as high-quality jpg images regardless of your general Print output settings.

4. When starting production, the "Output Completed" icon is now cleared for the items being produced so if production does not complete on all items, you can easily see which items were not completed.


1. By default, any pretouching presets applied to your images will automatically carry through to High-Res Production unless you expressly turn them off in the High-Res Production window.

You can decide on the best option for each image or product. For example, you might wish to retouch a large portrait image personally but use your pretouch setting when producing a series of lower resolution digital files.

2. Whenever you use Open in Photoshop or you selected Photo Editor to open an image with pretouch applied, you can optionally have the retouching already applied to that image in the editor. To do this, hold down the Shift-Key when clicking on the Open in XXXX button in High-Res Production or the Original Images -> Open in PhotoShop -> Selected Images Menu.

If you are opening the image in Photoshop then both the original image and the retouched image will be added as separate layers to the opened image with the retouched image as the top layer.

The Preferences option, Disable Retouching after Editing (Preferences: High-Res Production:Workflow & production Extras:Retouching Workflow) will automatically disable the use of any applied pretouching during High-Res Production if you have edited an image with pretouching applied. Otherwise you will be asked this question when you open the image using SHIFT-Open XXX.

3. When using Photo Editor other than Photoshop or Lightroom and opening the images with pretouching applied, you can now set the preferred output file format in Preferences -> General Settings -> General -> Photo Editor. This can be either jpg or tiff. It is recommended that you select a different format from your imported images to avoid overwriting your originals.

4. Whenever you use Open in Photoshop or Lightroom, ProSelect checks if the Perfectly Clear Complete is installed on your computer.

If so, ProSelect will automatically write out any presets applied to the selected images into a preset group called ProSelect Applied Presets. Within this group will be a series of presets named with the image name, preset code, and intensity setting.

Just click on the preset for the image you are working on to have those settings applied to the image. You can then fine-tune the results using the plugin's adjustment panels.


In Working with Books, thumbnail view, you can now use drag and drop to move or swap images between different book pages.

Hold down the Alt/Option key while clicking on an image to start the drag. If the opening that you drop the image into already has an image in it, the dragged image will be swapped with the one in the drop location.

This functionality also works in Working with Layouts, Thumbnail view.

Note: The previous feature of using Alt/Option click to find original template has been removed since this can now be done using the right-click menu.


1. To help detect low memory issues the current program memory usage and installed states are now included in the debug data sent to server.

2. Added a new Image List Filter option to only Show Images Used in books.

3. [MAC] - OSX Core Graphics is now used to load all images into ProSelect (including when using the Helper Apps) for a more robust reading of embedded color profiles.

4. You can now quickly remove any applied frames and surrounding mats around selected images or layout by holding down the Alt/Option Key and using the delete key.
This option works in Working with Images (Thumbnail and Select Size view), Layouts, and Rooms.

5. You can now reset all "Do not show again" message preferences using the Show All Warnings option in the Shift-Startup window.

6. Preferences -> High-Res Production -> "Composites, Vignettes & Stamps" submenu has been renamed to "Workflow & Production Extras" to better reflect it's contents.

8. The number of Helper apps running at the same time is now equal to the number of cores in your computer's hardware.

9. You can now use the Alt/Option+delete keyboard shortcut to quickly remove any applied frames and surrounding mats to selected layouts and prints. When Working with Images, this only works in Select Size view.


1. [FIX] No longer gives an error if the mirror screen's display is disconnected while you have Mirror Screen turned on.

2. [FIX] The last used Category and Group for Working with Books is now saved in the Preferences and will be restored between sessions.

3. [FIX] In Setup Title Slides, setting image background on a new title slide now defaults to "fit within" rather than "stretch to fit".

4. [FIX] Improved the scaling of some slideshows elements when the slideshow is played on a Retina/High-DPI screen.

5. [FIX][WIN] When setting the size of items on a Proofsheet using the slider, the preview image is now correctly updated after making items too big to fit then returning it to a smaller size.

6. [FIX] Improved the warning message displayed when opening an album which has been saved after deleting a book page and not removing the page from Production.

7. [FIX] Running Production on a Traditional matted layout with production option set to produce with included mat area no longer sets the entire mat space to the fill color when Preferences are set to Fill to Next Standard paper size.

8. [FIX] In working with Layouts and Books, the last used group no longer defaults to "All Groups" when you had "All Categories" selected and change your Working with modes away from and back to Layouts or Books.

9. [FIX] When starting a trial, if you clicking the Quit button on the page which is asking you to select which version to trial (Basic or Pro), you no longer get a Error Code A7 and the trial status is saved as if you clicked the Pro version trial.

10. [FIX][MAC] Running Custom Effects Actions no longer activates the Photoshop window bringing it over the top of the main ProSelect window in some circumstances.

11. [FIX] In working with Layouts and Books, the last used group no longer defaults to "All Groups" when you had "All Categories" selected and change your Working with modes away from and back to Layouts or Books.

12. [FIX] No longer gives an error when opening Price List and Products window when in Working With Layouts.

13. [FIX] No longer gives error if you have selected a template group then changed your ProSelect data file and the selected template group no longer exists in the new data file.

14. [FIX] Added more error checking to help prevent errors in certain rare circumstances.

15. [FIX] Now displays more useful messages if the slideshow fails to start due to a system error.

16. [FIX] When ordering a Custom Print, the Paper Paper Sizes aspect ratio is no longer used when the print has a locked crop ratio you try to change to the image width or height.

17. [FIX] When ordering a Custom Print, the starting print size is now set based on the print size rather then the size with an applied mats and frames.

18. [FIX] In Working with Slideshows, the Ordered Images and Ordered Layouts Album Sets now show under Available Content when there are some ordered items.


Minor Release Changes

What's New in Version 2019r2.1

August 23, 2019

  1. [FIX][MAC] Show in Finder now works again when running on OSX 10.14.X (Mojave).
  2. [FIX][MAC] When upgrading to 2019r2 on OSX 10.14.X (Mojave), the slideshow preferences no longer defaults to no hardware acceleration (Metal). If you were previously using 2019r2 then you need to re-select "Use Meta"l in Preferences->Slideshow->Performance.
  3. [FIX] You can now use Pretouching within ProSelect when running the trial version.
  4. [FIX] Connections to StudioCloud now work again.

What's New in Version 2019r2.2

September 4, 2019

  1. [FIX][WIN] - Background images in Slideshow styles set to Stretch to Fit now fill the screen behind the images on machines with Hi-DPI screens. This was accidentally introduced in the 2019r2 release.
  2. FIX] - You can no longer use the Adjust Frame Timing toolbar control when in "Show/Edit Ken Burns Focal Points" view. This was allowing you to "appear" to set the timing on individual images in an album set when this is actually not permitted.
  3. In Working with Slideshows, after using "Convert Selected Album Sets to" the resulting images are no longer left selected to save time.
  4. [FIX] - When updating .psd resource image files in the Select Resource Image window, transparency masks are now correctly transferred to the updated .png file.
  5. [FIX] - Retouching is now correctly applied during Production and when using Shift+ Open in XXX when your original images are in .psd format.
  6. [FIX][OSX] - When playing a slideshow using Metal hardware acceleration, the last slide now fades out at the end of the slideshow.
  7. [FIX][WIN] - No longer crashes when exporting a Production Package when you have added an image into ProSelect from Production Package folder and are exporting to the same folder again.

Also See KnowledgeBase Article: 2019r2 Known Issues

  KnowledgeBase Article: What's New in 2019r2  

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