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Slideshow Movie Export Fails with an Error Number

Slideshow movie exporting has been progressively enhanced in ProSelect to use the latest technologies to reduce the time to export a finished movie with the latest versions being considerably faster to export - up to 20 times faster on Macs and 5-20 times fast on Windows machines. (On Windows, movies using the Ken Burn slideshows are slower to export but still much faster than when using Quicktime in the earlier versions of ProSelect).

Each technology has different error codes or messages which are shown if an export fails to complete. So, if you are getting an error message, first check which technology your version of ProSelect is using and see the relevant section below.

Slideshow Movie Export Technology Used


ProSelect 2015r3 and newer - OSX AVFoundation (requires Max OSX 10.7 or newer and Mac OSX 10.9 or newer for complete functionality)
ProSelect 2013r1 - 2015r2 - Uses enhanced Quicktime support to export complex slideshow movies.
ProSelect 2012r2 and earlier - Uses simple Quicktime transitions (no longer supported by Apple) to create .mov files.

Windows PC

ProSelect 2017r1 and newer - Uses FFMEG Library
ProSelect 2013r1 - 2016r1 - Uses enhanced Quicktime support to export complex slideshow movies.
ProSelect 2012r2 and earlier - Uses simpleQuicktime transitions (no longer supported by Apple) to create .mov files.

Diagnosing Slideshow Export Errors

  1. Make sure that you have the latest ProSelect update installed for your licensed version. 
  2. Before starting the export, open the ProSelect Debug window - see the section Issue while ProSelect software has been running this article for how to do this.
  3. Try Exporting the slideshow again. 
  4. When the error occurs, check the Debug window for any error messages. These will appear near the end of the messages. Along with the error number, there will be a short text description which may give a clue to where the problem lies.
  5. If your TimeExposure PLUS is current then you can submit a Technical Support Ticket (to the ProSelect Department). To get a faster, relevant help from Support, it is best to describe your problem, provide the original error number and to copy and paste the contents of the debug window into the ticket.

Narrowing down the Problem

If you haven't previously exported a slideshow then best to test the process with a very simple slideshow such as one with

  1. 4-5 images only
  2. An mp3 music file
  3. No Ken Burns effect in your Slideshow Style (under the Advanced tab)

If you have a complex slideshow, you can often narrow down the cause of the problem by removing parts and trying again.

  1. Remove any video files (or one at a time) and try again. If it works the problem may be related to the video files that you are using.
  2. Turn off the music in the Slideshow Style that you are using for the exported slideshow. If it works the problem may be one of the music tracks that you are using. Check that they are .mp3 format and are NOT protected files (DRM locked).

Mac OSX 10.7-10.8 Differences

If you are using these versions of OSX and ProSelect 2015r3 and newer, then there are some limitations when exporting movies:

OSX 10.7: Can only export movies up to HD 720HD in size without the Ken Burns Effects selected

OSX 10.8: Can export movies up to 1080HD movie without the Ken Burns Effects selected

OSX 10.9+: Can export up to 1080HD movie with and without the Ken Burns Effects selected

Mac AVFoundation Error Messages

When using the Debug Data Window, a message starting with "AV" such as 

SlideshowEngine - Build Error - -1 : A Cocoa NSInvalidArgumentException was not handled: -[AVMutableVideoCompositionLayerInstruction setCropRectangle:atTime:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x115b1130

indicates an AVFoundation error message. In this case, the error occurred when trying to export a slideshow movie with a Ken Burns Effect using OSX 10.8 which can't be done (see above).

Negative Number Error Codes when using Quicktime

These are relevant for all versions of ProSelect that use Quicktime for exporting Movies on either the Windows or Mac version of ProSelect. You can find out more about the error in this Apple article

Positive Number Error Codes when using Quicktime

Errors While Building the Slideshow movie

  • 1 - Failed to create exporter, please ensure quicktime is installed
  • 2 - Failed to create a temporary movie file
  • 3 - Missing audio source item
  • 4 - Missing audio source file
  • 5 - No audio track found in audio track file
  • 6 - Missing video source item
  • 7 - Missing video source file
  • 8 - Cannot open video source file
  • 9 - No track found in video file
  • 10 - Failed to create qt picture track handler
  • 11 - Failed to create qt picture track
  • 12 - Missing video source file
  • 13 - Cannot open video source file
  • 14 - No track found in video file
  • 15 - Failed to create qt picture track handler
  • 16 - Failed to create qt picture track
  • 17 - Cannot open audio source file
  • 18 - Failed to create a temporary build movie file reference
  • 19 - Failed to remove existing temp build movie
  • 20 - Cannot find temp build movie file to export

The error will be displayed as a message similar to "Unable to export movie to FILENAME. Error code(ERRORCODE)".

Errors While Playing a Slideshow

  • 100 - Missing audio source
  • 101 - Missing audio source file
  • 102 - Missing audio source file
  • 103 - Cannot open audio source file
  • 104 - Cannot open video for audio extract
  • 105 - No source audio ready for playback
  • 106 - Missing video source
  • 107 - Cannot init video track

Note: That Playing Slideshow error codes above will only display when debugging feature is switched on (as will be directed by TimeExposure's Technical Support).


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