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SendMyRooms greyed out in ProSelect

If the SendMyRoomsoptions in ProSelect (such as those under the Orders menu) are greyed out, then the following will explain why and what you can do to resolve this.

This will happen in any of the following circumstances:

1.  If your computer was not connected to the Internet during ProSelect's startup

Solution: Check that your computer is connected to the internet and re-start ProSelect. 

2. Your TimeExposure PLUS has expired

Solution: Log into using your registered email address and password and choose Extend by TimeExposure PLUS from the Upgrade section in the Store (under the Buy Now menu). Note if a new major release of ProSelect has occurred since you TimeExposure PLUS expired then you will need to purchase an upgrade instead.

3. You recently extended your TimeExposure PLUS and your registration data is not up to date

Solution: After extending your TimeExposure PLUS, make sure that you use Update Registration (under the Help menu in ProSelect) to get you current registration data into ProSelect. We recommend that you use the Register On-Line option as it will automatically download your registration data from our servers.  Note: This will happen automatically at the next activation but you need to do it manually in between time.

Requirments to Use

To access SendMyRooms™, you need to have a license for ProSelect v2017r1 or newer and active TimeExposure PLUS (as this is one of the many benefits PLUS offers). You can check your PLUS status by logging into your TimeExposure Account  --> My Products tab.

More Information

See "What is SendMyRooms™ Client Connection" on this page on the TimeExposure website for an overview. And for more information and answers to frequently asked questions, see the Using SendMyRooms article.

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